Many people think that the behavior of professional sportsmen/sportswomen on or off the field is not important as long as they are good players. To what extent do you agree or disagree with it?

It is often argued that sports peoples' code of
on or off the
is not mandatory as long as they are performing the best.
essay disagrees with the aforementioned statement as the overall attitude of sports personality is important.
essay will
, discuss that athletic people should behave properly as they are viewed as role models and
, outline that since they represent their
so they should behave properly. Several individuals consider sports professionals as their role models and follow their footprints,
, it is essential for them to set a good example on or off the
for their fans.
is to say, people, including the young generations are fascinated and impressed with the lifestyle and success of sports people, which persuades them to follow their path in order to achieve that fame.
As a result
, it is very critical for sports people to behave in a professional manner as well as follow the specific code of
for their and to follow them. To elucidate, a recent study conducted by the Times showed that more than 80 percent of people copy the actions of athletics,
it is essential for them to follow their standard of
. Apart from
the other reason for sports people to monitor their manners is that they represent their own nation.
In other words
, athletic people play for the name and fame of their own
, it is very important they they behave professionally on or off the
because any wrong action done by them will defame their own
, any style which is morally correct will bring respect to their nation. To exemplify, a recent study by The New York Times showed that the major contribution in making a
proud and famous is the
of sports personalities. To conclude,
, some people believe that the overall attitude of athletic players on or off the
in not important.
, in my opinion, I believe that their actions and manners should be nice as they are not only viewed as idols by their fans but they
represent their nation.
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