Adults do less exercise nowadays. Some think that people can be encouraged to live healthy through sporting events such as Olympics or World Cup. Others think that there are more better ways to encourage adults for exercise. Discuss both views and state you opinion.

It has been observed in recent years that there is an increasing concern regarding peoples' health as they are not physically active enough.
has affected their well being. So, it has been proposed by some people that promoting a big sports event as the Olympics or World cup could encourage people to exercise while others think a better solution exists
as increasing the awareness of the importance of
issues and providing public facilities.
essay will discuss both sides and provide my opinion that other methods are more effective in encouraging people to keep fit. On one hand, some individuals believe that worldwide sport events are becoming more like business events where the organisational units aim only to gain money. Sadly, they push people to watch these events rather than inspire them to practise sports.
For instance
, adults following football will probably prefer to buy a ticket to watch the game rather than a gym membership.
, people start considering
events more like TV series rather an example to follow.
On the other hand
, other individuals consider health as one of the main concerns these days. More men and women are trying to find adequate manners to encourage adults to be active.Among these ways is organizing local events
as family workout.
may help attract grownups to exercise, especially parents as they can bring their kids along.
In addition
, providing sports equipment in public parks could solve the timing problem for many working people. In conclusion, the two sides of the argument concerning the best ways to encourage people to engage in more physical activities have a strong support.
, it is clear that the impact of local events is greater than world sports events. Given that we live in an age where people are getting lazier, it seems wise to get behind the idea that people's health will decrease unless serious changes were made, whether we like it or not.
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