Too much money is spent on maintaining and repairing old buildings. Some people think that they should be knocked down to give way to modern buildings. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Replacing the old building with the new ones is compulsory regarding
spent on maintaining and repairing the old buildings. I personally agree with
notion to some extent, which I will explain below.
and foremost, It would seem that construction of the modern building, perhaps, would save
from maintaining and repairing building cost in some years.
means that if the societies around the building spent
on building construction, they would not spend it frequently to repair the building for a long time.
In addition
, it appears that new building is generally believed to provide the new perspective, ranging from the city to the country.
, the modern building would attract many tourists who are looking for the fascinating places to be posted on their social media.
As a result
, the modern building would increase the income for that city or country.
, it seems that knocking down the old building would cause some people do not respect their history. The reason often given is that people would lose the existence of a building which can remind them of the past.
, it might be said that replacing the historical building is related to the lack of culture that country hold. To illustrate, Malaysia has a crisis identity when they build many modern buildings. All in all, It is logical to conclude that historical and cultural aspects are not significant things to be considered.
is because not only would the new building construction save
from the building's repairing, but helps people to earn
from international tourists.

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