Nowadays, individual take their family with them to abroad whenever they go for business trip

Owing to globalization, international business trips have become popular in the recent time. Many businessmen prefer taking menage along with them during corporate tours in different countries.
is a positive trend, though having some drawbacks which will be discussed in
essay. On the positive side, knowing the foreign country benefits the family.
In other words
, when visiting a new country, families learn about the culture, tradition and lifestyle of people living there, which they cannot find in own country.
experience is incredible and adds to the knowledge and wisdom of the person, which is beneficial.
, for the employees who have long onshore assignments can work efficiently when accompanied by family. As the family is with him, he will not feel homesick, resulting in more focus on the job.
For instance
, my friend got on site in Germany, and as she took her family with her, she could stay there for 5 years without worrying about children as they are together.
As a result
, it is worth to travel along with family. Another benefit of taking family is about learning foreign language. People spend years to learn foreign language still they cannot learn it because they do not use it frequently.
, if the person moves to the nation where he usually converses in a foreign dialect, he will definitely get fluent by speaking it often with native people. A good example of
is of the Indians in England speaking English effectively,
they never learned in school.
, it gives
opportunity to learn without efforts.
On the other hand
, some people argue that it is costly as the family shifts to another state. The primary earner would have to spend majorly on home rentals, appliances and settlement. According to them, only the person on an assignment can complete the work and return,
of taking the family. Even the organization's funds on sponsoring the family would be saved. In conclusion, I pen down, saying that despite the family settlement involves some budget, it is still worthwhile to take the members during the overseas business visits.
would forge the family due to incredible knowledge, it gains by knowing the province, and would enable the employee to work efficiently without worrying about family in the home agrarian.
, for the overall benefit of the individual and the family, it is advisable to visit the new place together.

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