Many companies sponsor sports as a way of advertising themselves. Some people think that is a good thing, while other think that it has disadvantages. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Advertisements are used to spread a product awareness, in
process a few companies sponsor sports for brand endorsement. Few people, including me assume that
is a good business strategy, whilst others claim it to have a drawback, which gives false information to the sports audiences.
essay will
discuss both the perspectives and provide reasons to support the former statement. Branding in stadiums not only benefit companies by attracting huge masses of people, but
will provide financial assistance to the sports teams. To elaborate, organizations will get an opportunity to showcase the products when the audience visit stadium to cheer,
way many will come to know about the product since their favourite players either wear a shirt with logo, or the stadium displays digital banners with ads.
On the other hand
, the sports team is provided with extra financial support from companies that are used to purchase equipment which are required for the game. The T20 matches,
for example
, that are held in India every year involves a lot of money, in
a situation, team players are sponsored with brands which benefits both the parties.
In contrast
, many deny the idea of sponsorship because they claim that people get attracted to the brands and products by falsely assuming that their role models are
consumers of the goods that they are advertising. Pepsi ads,
for instance
, are popular in stadiums. No sports person will intake soft drinks due to its hazardous effects on health, yet due to the advertising, people will buy and consume.
proves that the ads are leading people to false assumptions. In conclusion, Though it is beneficial for both organizations and teams to advertise products in a unique sponsorship way, it could lead to the undesirable consequences.
, I believe that the products must be advertised in stadiums, but they ought to be worth and good for consumption.
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