Too much money is spent on looking after repairing olg buildings. They should be knocked down and we should build modern insteads. Do you agree or disagree?

Many governments are spending a lot of money on maintaining and repairing historic buildings. So they should be demolished and we should build new ones
. I completely disagree with
point of view. In
essay I will consider the reasons and provide my own opinion.
of all, old buildings are often considered to be works of art and represent country’s architectural symbols and heritage. If they were knocked down, there would not be any object that tells about the nation’s history.
In addition
, historic properties attract a significant number of tourists as they give character to the sightseeing.
As a result
, the country will benefit considerably through tourism and they can utilize
money to preserve and maintain historic buildings.
For example
, approximately 5000 visitors come to Samarkand every year due to its famous old buildings
as Registan, Guri Amir and Shahi Zinda. The government tries to save these buildings as long as it could.
, some buildings play a key role in educating people about history. It seems that knocking down the old building would cause people to lose their historical facts.
For instance
, some of the historic buildings are used as museums nowadays.
means that they can give information about our ancestor’ lives.
, people need to recognize those buildings’ hidden value. If not so, people will end up with facing the circumstance that there is nothing left to leave our
generation. In conclusion, as we have seen above, those old buildings still advantage to the country in terms of architectural design as well as educational purpose.
, I firmly believe that these buildings should be conserved.

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