More and more measures to improve the security in large urban areas have been introduced in many countries because of the increased crime. Do the benefits of these measures outweigh the drawbacks?

With an increase in the crime-rate in big cities, the government has ramped up security measures here which some people believe has drawbacks.
essay will argue that the benefits of these efforts outweigh the disadvantages.
essay will
explain that these measures have discouraged criminals and allowed people to explore public spaces more safely, followed by how the argument that it intervenes with their freedom is not as extreme. The rise in security efforts like cameras to monitor public places has deterred the criminals because they know that they are being watched. In comparison to the past, because of the fear of being caught, illegal activities have declined exponentially.
For example
, The New York Times reported that since 2010 after the installation of camera in remote alleys, the rate of muggings has diminished by almost 40%.
, with the increased sense of safety among the people, they are encouraged to enjoy late night social gatherings without any fear resulting into a lot of leisure businesses like restaurants, bars and night clubs positively flourished. As an illustration of
, in Chicago the business of late night clubs have shot up by 50% in the
On the contrary
, many people argue that the increase in police watch is an unfair interference. They feel that being watched round the clock does not give the public their personal space and make them uncomfortable because their private moments are being recorded.
is a baseless scare because the private places are not under surveillance and
people can still enjoy their intimate time freely.
For instance
, In restaurants only the general areas like receptions has an oversight and dinner booths are not being watched. In conclusion, heightened security has declined criminal behaviour and has given an opportunity to the people to celebrate freely which has given a boost to businesses. Owing to
, the merits overshadow an unsubstantiated fright of the surveillance of private places.

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