The government should allocate more funding to teach science rather than other subjects in order for a country to develop and progress. To what extent do you agree?

Education acts as a fundamental to the progress of a nation, community and an individual. The subjects involved express the trend of job opportunities in the field to some extent.
, I believe that every subject is equally important.
, the funding should be well distributed and not just focussed on science. To commence with, the subjects
as arts, physical education, literature etc., are equally important for the all round development of a kid.
For example
, performing arts
as painting, dancing etc., can be soothing for many because they decrease stress.
, physical education teaches us some yoga poses, healthy eating habits, sports etc., which increases the physical activities and make a person fit. All these subjects deserve grants so that any student who wants to pursue them as a career does not face any difficulties.
On the other hand
, science and technology needs more public grants so that scientists, researchers can perform their experiments. If these experiments are successful,
earns the country fame worldwide. Some of these inventions may reduce the existing costs of production.
creates a positive influence and, thereby, improving investments from the other countries.
sector generates more jobs every year, which helps a country to grow. The investments in the sciences, will make students more equipped for these jobs and
, decreasing the unemployment. As an example, the IT sector generates most of the jobs in India every year. To conclude, I think that there is no doubt that the investment in the science is very important for any nation to make progress as it generates jobs and creates a positive influence in the world.
, I do believe that the other subjects need equal attention while funding.

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