It is too expensive to look after and repair old buildings this money should be spent on building modern building instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Ancient architecture and monuments are a way to delve into the past. It is believed that maintaining these physical structure costs high, it is rather better to invest in constructing latest buildings. I completely disagree with
notion and
essay will explain the reasons for the same. A Primary reason why old buildings should be preserved, though it is an extra expenditure to the state is because they are the evidence of the past. Today when people visit to see them, they not only admire the beauty of the architecture, but
will be able to connect their understanding of the mythology. In a lot of books,
for instance
, the beauty of Taj Mahal, which is one of the historical buildings, is expressed by multiple authors.
, it would not have been possible to witness it, if we were unable to maintain it till date.
Hence though
Accept comma addition
Hence, though
it is quite expensive, it is remarkable to preserve
artefacts. Another element to invest on old constructions
of new one’s is that it attracts lots of tourist funds. While there is some exceptional heritage at certain locations, they attract global population as people tend to witness
unique masterpieces. Paris,
for instance
, derives exorbitant money from tourists as people from every part of the globe visit
place to experience Eiffel tower.
, though
monuments consume funds to sustain, they very well have a capacity to retain the profits. In conclusion,
new buildings cost relatively less to be established, old buildings retain their own charm by demonstrating the existence of the past and bringing economic growth to certain places.
, spending for their sustenance is not in vain.
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