Some people think that being able to communicate with others online is breaking down geographical barriers and enabling people, who would normally never have the chance to meet, to communicate. What are the advantages of international communication online? Are there any disadvantages to this?

In the modern world, due to the development of advanced technologies and social networking sites, many individuals are keen to keep in touch with other people. In
regard, making friends from foreign countries is widely known in the modern society.
tendency can lead to the negative outcomes. There is no denying that the main advantage of online connection is its availability.
That is
to say, internet users can find an appropriate friend for them, because of a wide range of people on the internet. A good illustration of
is Facebook, which is a worldwide prosperous service for the people, who is interested in the communication with individuals.
, keeping in touch with foreign friends can widen their horizons. It can be beneficial for their personal growth, because
opportunity can give a plethora of chances for internet users.
For example
, they can gain knowledge about foreign culture or traditions.
On the other hand
, online connection can isolate individuals. It is widely known that spending long hour in front of the computer and texting with other people can lead to the isolation, because these people often lose an interest to face-to-face communication with their peers. To illustrate, young people are not willing to go outside, because of their virtual world.
method can be detrimental for the youngsters, because spending time online can lead to deterioration of well-being. It is widely accepted that due to lack of physical activities, many gamers are suffering from diseases.
For example
, back pain is widely spread among these people. To conclude,
many people tend to think that online connection can only bring negative things, others feel that it has several advantages.
In addition
, making friends and gaining knowledge can be seen as an advantage of

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