Some people thinks that government should increase tax on unhealthy food to encourage people to start eating healthy. Do you agree or disagree. 9:33-10:13

Now-a-days, people are eating a lot of junk foods that causing different well-being issues. From that prospective, a certain group of people suggested that, the government ought to increase the cost of fitness damaging cuisine to inspire folks to come into a strength conscious snack. According to my opinion, the general public should not be forced or pushed in any direction as it may result with negative aspects, rather, the state ministry may run motivational activities. In the present age, people are consuming a huge number of fast feed by knowing or without concerning the deleterious impacts of those ingredients of the foods. For examples, chips, cold drinks, chicken fries, and burgers are made by type the component which has dangerous side effects on the human body. Some people are aware about the consequences, but can't avoid them due to its mouth watering flavours.
, some other group of folks is regularly eating the same type of drink as it is easy to buy at an affordable price without wasting much time.
, junk meat is ultimately choosing whose are working with hectic working hours.
As a result
, a quick increase on their daily foodstuff might terribly shock them and as a reaction they will begin to criticize the state and their decisions.
the other hand, the rule should undergo a few inspiration measurement other than force a unlike duty.
For example
, the state cabinet should run multiple sports activities throughout the country to turn the people into health concern life.
, the union should use warning notes on the pack of the unhealthy foods in the purpose of being total awareness. Social media can be used to spread negative impacts of the particular foods aside of creating some motivational advertisement of consuming healthy cuisines.
, people will gradually turn into strength concerning ingredients and the impacts of the reducing business of junk foods will not effect a sudden shutdown of industries and unemployment of many workers. To sum up, some people believe, imposing law may reduce the negative aspects of unhealthy cuisines and drive people to healthy life. But, according to my personal opinion, I think the levy policy may result with violent reactions from victims, rather than, the law should be chosen slower and motivational actions which will not be a sudden effect on any parties.
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