Write a letter to your friend who has asked you about a short course, which you have done. Write about the content of the course. The future benefit of the course.

Dear Pooja, I hope you're doing well.I received your letter in which you've asked about the course that I finished
month.I'm writing to let you know about the details. Well, I joined the Australian academy in the vicinity of my area.It offers
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an English
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speaking course that includes the enhancement of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.I find it quite interesting and motivating as well.
, they offer a class size of six to seven students so that teachers can track the progress of the students in an effective manner.
is quite beneficial from a future point of view. I know you are planning to move abroad to build your career there and English is one of the most widely spoken languages in
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foreign countries that's why I think you should join
course as it will help you in clearing IELTS at the earliest. Hope you are satisfied with the information.If you've any query please feel free to call me anytime. Yours' lovingly Ankita
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