People under the age of 18 who commit crimes should be re-educated rather than punished. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People who are under 18 years old can be classified as the teenagers who are the foundation of building country and may become the future President to lead our nation.
, the rate of teenagers commit crimes is alarmingly increased and become a heated issue that discussed by most of the people. Some people think that it is important for teenagers who commit crimes that re-educated rather than punished.
, it is time we delved
into whether
Accept comma addition
into, whether
it is necessary for them to adapt the reeducation.
of all, adolescents should be re-educated as most of them will err is influenced by
. It is undeniable that
the peer
has occupied a big position in the teenagers' heart, even exceeding their parents and teachers, they will deem their friends' talk as absolute approval and giving support, so that under
situation, teenagers are hard to distinguish the authenticity. If teenagers do not obey their friends, they will be bullied or abandoned by the
, they would rather follow their
to do the wrong things, nor to correct their bad attitudes. Obviously, teenagers just need to be educated the danger of committing crimes.
, reeducation is more sustainable for teenagers than
as they are sensitive and rebellious when they are at adolescence.
can bring
pain to teenagers, they feel
(usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed
and resist to
matter, so that we can see that teenagers who are used to be punished commit crimes again. Despite some adolescents will remind the
as the humiliation, they still make the mistake because they want to proof their own strength. Apparently,
the punishment
will stimulate the teenagers to commit
a lack of politeness; a failure to show regard for others; wounding the feelings or others
. In conclusion, I strongly believe that teenagers should be re-educated rather than punished as they may become the ridgepole of the country.
, parents should play an essential role to avoid their children go astray.
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