Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Write both views and your opinion.

Professionalism is the most important character trait in today's world. Athletes in sports world, earn a lot more than any other profession. Some people find it fair while others argue about it. I tend to agree with the former as it is the hard work of one person that helps him attain heights and
, how he uses the money he earned.
and Foremost, athletes around the world, earn more from endorsements,
of sports. Most of the athletes gain a majority of their income from advertisement, either by promoting a product or posting about it online.
For example
, Cristiano Ronaldo, a renowned soccer player, earns close to a million dollar's per Instagram post. It is because he has more than 50 million followers.
In contrast
, a normal average in Instagram is around 1000 followers. All the above factor's help athletes to earn a lot more than other professionals.
On the other hand
, Professionalism should not be measured on the basis of salary. To illustrate
, a medical professional, is paid to save life and keep people healthy.
that is
the only source of income for them. Most of the population judges a professional's success on the basis of his income, while it's one's own interest that will thrive him for excellence and attain height in their field of work.
there are a certain percentage of professionals in the field of science and technology who earn more than athletes, which is rare. In conclusion,
, most of the professional's get paid a lot lesser than sport professional. In my opinion, athletes earn more because of their popularity, and less because of the industry they work in.

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