Many historical sites and museums are mainly visited by tourists, not local people. Why is this the case? What can be done to attract local people to visit this historical sites and museums?

It is true that historical places and museums attract a large number of tourists;
, locals show little interest in them. In my opinion, there are several reasons behind
trend and governments can take certain measures to encourage locals to
To begin
with, People find it boring to
In other words
, they are already familiar with their culture and history and perhaps have nothing new to discover by visiting the same museum repeatedly;
, they avoid visiting these places as they consider
visits a waste of time. A tourist,
on the other hand
, is eager to explore new places of interest in their destinations, and museums and historical places will help them to have a better understanding of the history and culture of the countries they are visiting. Another reason is that museums charge an entry
fee which
Accept comma addition
fee, which
could be the major factor that discourages the local people. If a person visited it once, they would avoid visiting it again because nobody wants to pay again to watch the same artworks. Governments can take steps to encourage local residents to attend museums and historical buildings.
, authorities can organize cultural events and regular exhibitions at these places to provide people with a new experience every time they
them. The
solution would be offering free tickets and discounts
the weekends so that low income and middle-income families can
For example
, schools can provide assignments related to the history of a country, and
will motivate parents to take their children to the historical museums to collect useful information that will help them excel in their studies. To conclude, local people, do not enjoy visiting museums or historical places because there is not much they can learn from these places. Foreigners,
on the other hand
, are curious to learn more and more about their destinations and
they make it a point to
these places. The government can encourage more natives to
by conducting interesting programs like exhibitions at these places and offering free or subsidized entry.

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