Some people believe that eventually all jobs will be done by artificially intelligence robots. What is your opinion? Give reasons for your answer including examples with your own experience and knowledge.

, “Artificial Intelligence robots” has been increasingly popular in the workforce nowadays. Wherein some groups of individual are giving the statement that all human works will be replaced by the machine. While I agree that all menial
could be replaced,
, it is unlikely that jobs which require human contact will be taken over.
essay will discuss the reason behind my viewpoints. Robots can be replaced where, specific and complex human skills are not required. Most companies are moving to machine
because of less expensive, accuracy and faster pace of
rather than giving training to employees.
For instance
, in order to withdraw cash, “Automated Teller Machines” have been replaced mankind.
In addition
, at railway station tickets are taken by passengers themselves.
, humans have been replaced in some repetitive, easy task areas.
On the contrary
, some jobs are never be done by the robotic machines. To put it in a simple way, it requires “Human Touch”. To exemplify, some fields
as psychology, education and some social
depends on an individual cannot be replaced.
, the
programming which will be done by the machines can be inserted by the mere humans.
As a result
, machines would not achieve the capacity to do the human
hundred and thousands of years. To conclude, it is increasingly likely that robots will end most human employment. Unskilled labour task can be replaced;
, sophisticated jobs which require human knowledge and mind will always exist. Sooner or later very small amount of jobs will be safe in progressive robotic machines.

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