Some people consider online study courses better than classroom studies, while others think classroom study is better. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Technology has been flourishing leaps and bounds providing us with arrays of learning methods. One of them is online
courses which use the internet and computer technology to provide video lectures, online tests and results. The comparison of online studies with
studies is one of the most debatable topics in trend among people and have given their own views. I will enlighten you on these subjects and provide my opinion at
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. To start with, online
courses can be helpful for distance learning program where one need not travel to different corners of the world with the sole purpose of gain requisite knowledge on a particular subject from the horse's mouth. It is cheaper than aspirants travelling abroad to pursue their education.
, it is at an individual level rather than to the masses or a group of children.
, there is no direct involvement of tutor or his monitoring and no interaction whatsoever with other children.
For example
, online
courses can be done at home without any external but under partial supervision of parents. Undoubtedly, there is less recognition worldwide to these online courses than traditional one. Whereas,
studies not only provides knowledge, but
develops personal skills. Importantly, it increases self-confidence, develops communication skills by interacting with teachers, pupils and there is an environment of healthy competitions among each other resulting in the inculcation of stress management skills.
studies help in building the character of a person
for instance
, learning to obey elderly teachers, helping others and socialising with other students. Indeed,
studies are more fruitful for overall development of a person. In a nutshell,
studies has definitely more advantages than online studies. I can't expect everyone to agree with me, as they have their own perspective and experience with online
courses. But, in my opinion,
studies outplays the importance of online studies and alternatively, there are ways to gain knowledge from renowned personality through books and blogs rather than online courses.
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