Some people think that teachers should be able to ask disruptive children to leave the class. Do you think is it the best way to deal with a disruptive child in the classroom? What other solutions are there?

Acquisition of knowledge is the only purpose for students to come to school. Some students break silence in the classrooms and disrupt their teachers from teaching.
way the other pupils
leads many to think that educators must be allowed to send
students out of the classroom. I think that
is not a good way to deal with them. To commence with, most of the students indulge in
behaviour due to boredom of lessons.
For instance
, many students start playing with paper planes when they get bored of studies, which is disrupting for teachers to continue. At the young age, they are not able to understand the importance of education. If the teachers ask disruptive students to leave the classroom,
they might enjoy as they do not have to learn the lessons now. Overall,
is the loss of the future generation and the nation.
, they might start doing
consistently to avoid learning at the school. According to multiple psychological surveys, youngsters interrupt the lecture in a group.
, the
step an educator can take is to set up the seating arrangement to disperse the group.
will reduce interruptions from students. As a
step, they can make them actively participate in the class.
For example
, asking kids to read out the textbook or to solve a question on the board can involve them in the ongoing lessons and decrease the interruptions.
, to punish pupils for their interruptions, they can ask them to stand in the
row of the classroom.
way teachers can make them attend the lectures and punish them. It should be compulsory for these students to attend the morality class. To conclude, in my opinion, punishing kids for their disruptive behaviour by asking them to leave the lecture hall is not a good idea to deal with them.
, steps
as dispersing the group, making them attend morality class etc., should be taken.

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