Most countries allow 18year old to start driving a car. Some say it is good to allow driving at that age.Others think that the age to start driving should be at least 25 years.Discuss both views.

Setting of an appropriate driving age has become a controversial issue in the major nations of the world,
as the USA and UK.While it is thought by many that the youth of 18 years is the perfect one, others believe that the minimum should be made 25.
essay intends to delve into both sides of the argument in depth.
To begin
with, there are individuals who favour 18, to allow the driving license.Since most of the governments throughout the world issue the right to vote,
means they are mature enough to choose their administration, which in turn, indicates that they can be issued a license to drive the vehicles as well just because of the maturity level.
For instance
, taking into consideration the understanding of an individual, they can be considered suitable for running the automobiles.
way the advocates of the perspective are somewhat true in thinking so.
On the other hand
, those who are against the above view believe that it should be made mandatory only when they reach in the mid 20s.The main reason behind their statement is the experience of the individuals about their surroundings and their knowledge which adds to the advantage.
For example
, it is well known that up to certain periods most of the youth accomplish their goals and are working liberally, which resembles that they know about what is inappropriate or wrong for them.In
manner, they represent a strong argument for making twenty five comparatively better one for issuing certificates to drive the cars, bikes and much more. To conclude, despite being an issue of the concern for numerous countries of the world.Some part of the society is considering adult franchise as the most appropriate for driving, whereas others consider 25 to be the best.
essay provided the reasons for their conflicting opinion.
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