Since most information about culture and history can be found on the internet, museums are not needed anymore. To what extent do you agree?

Internet today provides vast amount of information from culture and history.
, there is an argument where museums are irrelevant. I utterly disagree with
view as museums offer not only a one kind of
to the visitors, but
helps the local government of their economy.
To begin
with, museums are places for historical artefacts and for some people, observing the actual or clones is a far greater
than looking at the internet. By being able to touch, feel and at the same time understand the story behind it, gives another kind of
For example
, the Art Museum of Louvre Italy, where visitors are able to observe the Monalisa, allows a greater appreciation for the art and to the creator itself.
is something that cannot be experienced by searching on the internet.
, the fees collected from the visitors help the government to maintain the facilities.
, when many visitors visit the place, the surrounding places like restaurant, cafes and souvenir shops gets the benefits of the traffic. One good example is the same art museum in Italy, visitors are able to find nearby food places easily, and many stores around it are selling miniatures and printouts of Monalisa.
, museums are well taken care, it attracts more tourist and boost the local economy due to the traffic it generates. To conclude, museums still play an important role in the society as it boosts up the local economy and a gives a unique
to its visitors even though the knowledge can be found on the internet. Given
situation, I personally believe that the government should advocate the importance of museums to protect the culture and the history it tells.

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