Some people say that globalization will lead to a loss of cultural identity. Others think that globalization will result in world peace and harmony. To what extent do you agree with either sentence?

The modern world is bringing the people closer and closer. It is widely believed that,
will be resulting in the disappearance of traditions and cultures, but others rate it as a source of peace and harmonious communities. Though it has adverse effects on cultures, the advantages of the society are much heavier, so, I agree with the positive side of the impacts. The local traditions and cultures are on the verge of extinction with the formation of the global village. The invention of latest communications, especially in the form of the internet and fast transportation, has placed the individuals across the globe in proximities.
leads to the awareness about lifestyles and new trends, resultantly, similarities in the language, dressing and housing are on the rise.
, for the sake of the employments and education, masses are settling in different cities worldwide.
, creating communities of multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic bases with a range of various ways of living. The consequences are an amalgamation of cultures and the native cultures have started vanishing.
For example
, New York represents around 40 different ethnicities, all adapted to resembling daily lives.
, there are examples of many people, maintaining their original traditional methods. Despite the above mentioned drawbacks, it is strongly argued that the world peace is resulting from the globalization.
, the modern communication gadgets, is quite helpful to law enforcement agencies.
For instance
, location services and contact tracing serve to apprehend the culprits and are legal tools in today's forensic laboratories.
, the people have developed friendships across the globe, thanks to the technology. In that, they understand each other in the best ways and clear many misconceptions about cultures, religions and races.
, the harmony is on the rise.
For example
, Facebook, WhatsApp and other tools have brought billions of natives from thousands of miles in contact. I think these are the biggest and heaviest positive points which outweigh the negative implications on identities, that
can be managed by the personal and communal efforts. In conclusion, the globalization is a source of peace and harmony in the world, despite its manageable deleterious impacts on the cultures. I support the viewpoint of the plus points.
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