Social media has amassed large user bases. Do the advantage of being a part of social media site outweighs the disadvantage?

The internet and the mobile technologies have accumulated the number of its users these days. It is rare that people without a cell phone or don't have a social media account.
, some of them are against
and others are on it. In my opinion, being open in social media doesn't make any harm unless if people miss use them and obviously, its benefits outweigh the disadvantages.
, people are making a lot of income from the internet and it is quite common nowadays. YouTube and Instagram,
for instance
, are revolutionary amongst teenagers and they spend a lot of hours
them. A study by the University of Washington shows that the time youngsters spend in social media are high compared to their study time.
, media technologies are not so good for the students.
, people can talk to their friends and family, whoever are around the world. Back in days, it was difficult to communicate with dear ones as the only medium was the letters which was slow in the process.
For example
, postal mails will take more than 20 days to reach its destination in an average and it may vary depends on the place.
, technology has put an end to the barrier for communication. To conclude, even though some are against the improvisation of technologies, people are welcoming changes and it is changing lives. Personally, I would go on to Facebook or Instagram at any stage for sure.

Answer the 'Advantages and Disadvantages' topic

IELTS advantages and disadvantages questions normally give you a statement and ask you to comment on the advantages and disadvantages of that statement.

Answer structure for the type of essay

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1 – advantages
  • Body paragraph 2 – disadvantages
  • Conclusion

Examples to start your body paragraph:

  • The main advantage is...
  • The disadvantage of this...
  • The main benefit...
  • Despite these advantages...
  • One possible drawback...

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