Some schools are very strict about their school uniforms and the appearance of their pupils, while other schools have a very relaxed dress code. What are the advantages and disadvantages of children of having a school uniform?

Nowadays, most of the schools of the world have made uniforms mandatory.
, there are some schools where students are allowed to dress as per their wish.
essay examines the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniform. To commence with, the most important advantages are elimination of social and economic differences and instilling discipline.
, when all the students wear the same clothing, they look alike and a sense of equality is created among them.
For example
, with same dress code, it becomes difficult for others to know the social and economic status of kids.
saves poor students from bullying or partiality.
, it helps to instill discipline in children because the dress code obliges them to comply with the rules and regulations of an academy. As an example, if a student is found smoking, wearing a school uniform,
he/she can be punished as per academy's regulations as
implies that the act was committed even after being aware of the regulations.
, the foremost disadvantage is that it suppresses the kid's
and individuality. It is widely accepted that
is needed in every sphere of life to be successful. A youngster needs to create a bridge between the
and knowledge to discover something new.
For instance
, as kids will not be able to express themselves and experiment and they will lose out on thinking out of the box. Multiple studies prove that the mandatory status of uniform may turn children into passive youngsters who cannot express themselves via their dressing style.
, it is important to enhance the
and individuality while their personalities are still developing. To conclude, wearing school uniforms can be advantageous as it allows to diminish the social and economic divides.
On the other hand
, it should not be forgotten that it limits the
of a young mind.

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