Global warming is one of the biggest threat to our environment. What causes global warming? What solutions are there to this problem?

Having a healthy environment for living is possible by knowing threats. One of the challenging threat is the global warming.
there are specific root causes behind
environmental concern, effective policies can be adopted to remedy the
. There are two main reasons why global warming happens.
, nowadays, most of the industries produce greenhouse gases containing environmentally-damaging ingredients. Take consuming petrol in the oil industry as an example;
incredibly exposed huge amount of carbon dioxide to the environment
that is
the main reason of global warming.
, utilizing more fossil fuels in industry and fertilize in agriculture cause to use up extra mineral waters.
, it would be cause to reduce the amount of water in the earth and result is
. So, there is no enough water to reduce the temperature of surface air and it causes global warming. There are,
however some
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however, some
to decrease the threat of global warming. One step would be replace of old energies
as petrol with the renewable energies in manufacturing. A good illustration of
is employing of Solar-Cells produce clean energies, because
energy does not contain any harmful materials. Another viable alternative
is produced with natural and organic products in farms and gardens. The less using fertilizers in agriculture, the more safe and healthy product accompany less producing greenhouse gases. To conclude, because of many reasons
as greenhouses and use up extra water global warming happens. Notwithstanding of the contributing factors, several methods can be applied as the
solution by
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solution, by
using clean energies and remove fertilize.

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