Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest way that the governments and individuals can tackle these problem.

It is certainly that dramatic considerable increasing the urban population leads to serious problems. There are several reasons for
problem, and various measures can be taken by the
and individuals to improve the situation. Overpopulation in town brings people some drawbacks.
, one of the major problems
that is
environmental pollution. Obviously, the city is storing a large quality of the wastes from people.
For instance
, due to the huge number of living in the city;
, the amount of food consumption is higher than others provinces.
, growing population causes resemblance to the unemployment rate. To illustrate, there is a tendency for young people to migrate into Hanoi;
, it is imbalance the supply of employment. There is some solution to improving these problems. The
plays a vital role in reducing in joblessness. Nowadays, over million people are being out of work;
, the
should provide policies and physical conditions for developing others place with a goal as creating jobs.
, people have to prepare yourself better skills in opportunities looking for a job.
In addition
, people should be educated about green life when they stay in town.
For example
, people need to limit wastes into the environment by the way recycles them. In conclusion, overpopulation of large town makes low economic growth and a low standard of living;
, these problems can be tackled with the support from the
developing economies in others areas to going down the percentage of unemployment.
, reducing population in urban helps us to protect the environment.
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