Nowadays public transport prices are constantly increasing. Why do you think this is happening? How can this problem be solved?

In recent years, increasing the fare of the public
is a serious issue in many centres of cities all over the world. So, it would be meaningful to discuss why
a problem has occurred and to suggest how to deal with
To begin
with, the workers who work in
transportation industry
the transportation industry
are not offered proper wages and welfares.
, there are not sufficient the number of workers performing in tubes, buses and trains. It naturally leads to raise the fee for
on account of there are a great deal of people talking a public transport, but workers working in various
enterprises do not devote to their duties in that they cannot be provided with the appropriate income as they spent a lot of time in working. In Korea,
for example
, it is not difficult to witness the strike of
' employees, they cannot enjoy even on holiday and did not get the overworking payment, so that numerous transportations are inclined to ascend the
fee due to offer more salary to their workers. Under
situation, I am firmly of the opinion that the power of the government is necessary. In the
place, the authorities should intervene in the transport corporations and invest a lot of revenue in workers who had undergone unfairness welfare or did not get proper profits. In
way, the citizens cannot feel uncomfortable anymore, including
being one more than one
long service interval and do not need to pay for growing fare of talking the transportations, as well as the employees working in the public
industry can labour enthusiastically and have responsibility for their obligations.
For instance
, in the short run, the government should serve and increase worker' earnings. It is imperative to dispose of their profoundly complaints, so that they can be able to keep working with pleasure mind. And in the long run, the nations should make the citizen awareness that the employees who are in charge of their commuting loads are strive people' security and they are desirable to get better payment. In conclusion, there are still severe causes and provocations which raise the
' fee. But, I am personally convinced that the government should tackle
issue and take countermeasures sooner.

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