some people think that modern invention have more problem as compared to their benefits .do you agree or disagree?

It is thought that regardless of their benefits
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Modern Inventions have more problems.I completely agree that the latest technology has a harmful impact irrespective of their advantages.
of all I believe that new inventions emits harmful radiations Into the environment and increases the machine work load which results in the deployment of a man.
, the latest technology has influenced huge impact on the human health as it causes dangerous diseases like cancer.As each passing day it brings more comfort in the daily life.
makes man more lazy.
For example
invention of air condition got a greater impact to the ecosystem as air condition heavily used in the houses and industries for cooling purposes results in great harm in depicting the ozone layer which often brings difficulties despite of their advantages.
secondly over
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Secondly, over
Secondly over
usage of Technology reduces the human employment.
In other words
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the use of artificial intelligence Technology in mobile industries and electronics field minimizes security issues which can easily be misused to cause a great harm to the society and
the environment
For instance
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the invention of robots causes great damage to the human employment as robots can perform the work more effectively
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but there are some trust issues as we cannot depend blindly depend on a machine. To conclude, new inventions are harmful regardless of their usefulness as they are dangerous to the environment and
it decrease the rate of human employment.
the latest technology brings dreadful diseases to the People's life.

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