International travel is becoming cheaper and countries are opening their door to more and more tourists. Do the advantages of increased tourists outweigh disadvantages?

Globalization has opened the door for individuals to interact with different regions’ people and visiting other countries around the world. Looking at the trend, there has been an enormous increase in the number of aviation companies that forces them to reduce the airfares to sustain in the market.
As a result
, countries are welcoming more tourists from different parts around the world to increase the economy of the country that fulfil the career opportunities for local people. There are pros and cons of increasing tourists that I will explain in
To begin
with, there are numerous benefits of tourists visiting the country. One clear benefit is that it gives local people career or job opportunities.
In addition
, it strengthens the country’s overall growth as well. New Zealand’s wealth
for instance
, is totally relying on tourists.
, increasing communication flow among people from different parts of the world, play a pivotal role in the development of technology and the economy, but
promoting the cultural exchange between different countries.
On the other hand
, it has some negative effects too. Increasing number of tourists from various places, there is a greater risk of disease getting transported to other nations. The current “Corona Virus”,
for example
, whose outbreak began in China, has caused a medical emergency to break out in many countries.
, it affects the import-export business and lowering the countries' overall economy and many aviation companies have to bear the loss due to cancelled flights. Apart from
, sometimes youngsters may be attracted to the western culture which the tourists bring with them and many local people feel a threat to their culture. To sum up, I would concede that increasing the number of tourists does come with some adverse effects. Despite that fact benefits created by it outweigh the drawbacks. A wise thought would be to take more benefits out of
and keeping up the efforts to minimize the negative impact.

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