Some educationalists think that international exchange visits benefits teenagers at the school. To what extent do advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Education is considered as passport to success and every country dream that their youth must have better education. Recently, international exchange visits have been introduced into the education system. As like me, many are considering it as a good initiative, but opponents have distinct viewpoint. In an essay I will throw light on both perspectives. The defender of the stance that going for overseas visits during high school studies will bring numerous merits for the society believe that it is good castling. The significant reason behind
notion is that pupils learn many those skills which they do not learn in their own country.
For example
, in my home country India, every material of study is provided by the teacher, and student puts less effort to brief study material from a long chapter, and
may build laziness with them and they might not develop highly recommended skills of research. Despite the fact, in many developed nations
progression is not followed, and
makes pupils more active learner.
, every coin has two sides and the same is true here. The far most important drawback of these visits is that teenage period is the most critical period of one’s life, which required close monitoring of parents.
, if students will not be monitored by their parents, they might involve in anti-social activities, and
may destroy their future.
, these contrary consequences may affect parents negatively. Another pivotal aspect is, orientation of international exchange visits may cause extra burden of poor parents as many times they cannot afford international trips, which can deteriorate their family relation, especially with their offspring’s. To conclude, it cannot be denied that these international travels while studies have far reaching negative impacts, but these are uncommon. Rather than continuing the disadvantages of
, it will be more beneficial to count the advantages as these can be gained by plentiful pupils.

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