A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as the main source of income. unfortunately tourism can also be a source of problems if not managed properly. do you think the benefits of tourism outweigh its disdvantages

Tourism is the main source of income for many countries, which has its advantages and disadvantages. In the modern world, it is one of the most popular industries which in charge of large proportions of the economy.
essay will discuss these factors in detail. Let us
understand the benefits. The places that are not well known, are able to become popular by promoting themselves.
In addition
, it helps to improve the country's economy by increasing foreign exchange, at the same time, it
assists in the development of infrastructure. When encouraging tourism, various cities give visitors opportunity to understand the lifestyle, which would attract investors, while benefitting local businesses.
For instance
, Dubai has tremendously developed over the
40 years in the same way.
, there are drawbacks to the same. Many countries provide visas without enough scanning, to increase the number of visitors every year. Which would lead to a lot of illegal immigrants who come in search of jobs and do not return. The inability to control
situation, may often lead to an increase in crime. Perhaps, it is important that the right measures are taken to ensure safety of citizens.
For example
, some places provide on arrival for number of nationalities, with no checks on job position which could eventually worsen the economy. To conclude, it is a good industry,
, it should be controlled and monitored properly by the government. Necessary measures should be taken, with appropriate laws to filter or control the type of immigrants.

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