Do you agree/ disagree that parents should forbid their growing children from using smartphones.

In the modern world, the number of
users is tremendously increasing, which has controversial issue whether or not, it is positive for growing kids.
, I personally believe that there are a lot of advantages of smartphones, with diverse reasons
To begin
with, there are several reasons for which parents should leave their children who play with their smartphones, which can improve their knowledge in various educational fields. Applications to enhance children' brain and memory, are highly likely to make children smart and clever, and
it helps children to find their interests and stimulate curiosities.
In addition
, it is economically reasonable for their parents, since they do not need to spend a lot of money attending their children to the private institutions in which prospective-students are mainly go and study pre-review of general majors.
For instance
, by using diverse education-related applications, young generations can fully enjoy studying on their own. Another point worth mentioning is that it cannot help saying the safety issues. Nowadays, young children are highly likely to be exposed to the crime. According to a recent survey, sexual harassments and kidnapping are becoming severe, compared to the past. Which would lead to the concerns of their parents, eventually they have no choice but to give the
to their child, for ensuring their safety from diverse vicious circumstances.
For example
, children can text messages and call to their parents by using
when they faced with dangerous situations,
parents can protect their children from worse moments. In conclusion,
is the crucial role in educating and securing elements and have still a lot of positive aspects. So, it is worthwhile providing their children with
a smartphone
smart phone
the smartphone
, provided that a few regulations should be considered, which do not use it excessively.

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