The government should reduce the amount of money spent on local environmental problems and instead increase funding into urgent and more threatening issues such as global warming. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent times, a large amount of
is spent on local environmental problems with the purpose of improving the environment’s quality.
, some people believe that the authorities should pay more attention to much more urgent issues
as global warming. From my personal point of view, I side with the view that in spite of the needs of
indispensable issues, the government should
keep on increasing funding into local problems. On the one hand, threatening issues do need more
and attention from the human beings. Global warming is one of the major cause of numerous natural catastrophes
as surging seas, tsunami, volcanic eruption, etc.. The massive environmental carnage caused by humans behaviours directly leads to severe damages to the “green lungs” of our planet, which increase the amount of carbon dioxide or any types of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
As a result
could be considered as one of the most urgent problems that humans need to confront in the 21st century, which can cost governments around the world a huge amount of
. On the other hands, local environmental problems are
included in adverse changes of our ecosystem. Wastes, garbages are directly disposed to people’s surroundings without any appropriate treatments due to human daily activities
as eating, showering,...
, pollution released from transportation, especially private vehicles
plays an essential part in contaminating the air atmosphere and immensely harmful to the our health. As a consequence, only when our natural ‘s system is protected can humans improve the quality of our environment. In order to make that vital change, the authorities should
spend more
on local issues. In conclusion, despite the urgent needs of solving threatening environmental problems, I believe that we should
continue funding into local issues to gradually make progress in protecting the environment.

Include an introduction and conclusion

A conclusion is essential for IELTS writing task 2. It is more important than most people realise. You will be penalised for missing a conclusion in your IELTS essay.

The easiest paragraph to write in an essay is the conclusion paragraph. This is because the paragraph mostly contains information that has already been presented in the essay – it is just the repetition of some information written in the introduction paragraph and supporting paragraphs.

The conclusion paragraph only has 3 sentences:

  • Summary
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Prediction or recommendation


To summarize, a robotic teacher does not have the necessary disciple to properly give instructions to students and actually works to retard the ability of a student to comprehend new lessons. Therefore, it is clear that the idea of running a classroom completely by a machine cannot be supported. After thorough analysis on this subject, it is predicted that the adverse effects of the debate over technology-driven teaching will always be greater than the positive effects, and because of this, classroom teachers will never be substituted for technology.

Start your conclusion with a linking phrase. Here are some examples:

  • In conclusion
  • To conclude
  • To summarize
  • Finally
  • In a nutshell
  • In general

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