Some people believe that there should be a law which prevents young people under the age of 18 being outside after midnight. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, many youngsters are staying outside their
after midnight. While some believe that the law should be imposed on them so that they are restricted to be at
rather than outside, I,
, agree with
view for two reasons. The
reason why they should stay at
is due to involving in bad habits. Research has been conducted by the BBC and found that 85% of teenagers get involved in bad habits
as smoking, drinking alcohol, in taking of drugs, and so on, which are harmful to their health.
In contrast
, many young adults who stay at
tend to be far away from
bad things.
, if the government imposes stricter regulation on under the age of 18 teenagers for not going outside with their friends at midnight, there will be fewer chances of their involvement in the consumption of drugs, drinks or cigarettes. Another reason is the victimization of crime.
it is argued that
teenagers have spent their most of time in the colleges or tuitions so it is their right to go for outing with their friends or alone, I would argue that
youngsters, especially girls, are often targeted in the crime of rape, kidnapping or sometimes missing from their hometown.
, it has been observed that after the incident of
offspring feel isolated and disturbed, resulting in the lack of concentration on the studies and no interaction with their loved one.
, only when the higher authorities bring the stringent law into force on youngsters on their outing late night, will the problem of victimization be solved. In conclusion, not only does it support the teenagers to get involved in bad habits, but
allows them to be a victim of the heinous crime.
, I strongly believe that the authority should pass legislation and prevent them to go outside of their
late at night.

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