Some people believe that nowadays we have to many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Some people are of the opinion that we have got a huge number of options these days. In my point of view, I totally agree with
, because we are having a lot of freedom.
of all, we are able to choose our own education sector. The reason for
is that the regime gave both genders equal rights to make a decision in their career.
For instance
, in the past women were not permitted to provide an employment in a specific sector.
, some believed that only men were able to carry out outdoors jobs and that the women had to stay home and look after the counterparts. All in all, the females got the same rights as the men in the 21th century.
, more parents are flexible with their children. The reason for
is that more mothers and fathers these days are spending most of their day at their employment.
can increase the chance that the child can have more free
, which can be spend positive as negative.
For instance
, children are not learning the house rules and will make more spare
for themselves by providing
with their friends during the school hours. To conclude, it is considered that we have got a lot of free
these days. In my point of view, I totally agree with
because the government gave everybody the same right and permission as it have to be.
, parents are in pressure, because of their employment and do not give enough attention to family.

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