In the past when students did a university degree they tended to study in their own country. Nowadays they have more opportunities to study abroad. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development

More and more students to choose to spend their college life in another
for many reasons.
, some overseas students may face difficulties. In my opinion,
trend has more benefits than drawbacks.
On the other hand
, studying in a foreign
has multiple advantages. Most students who choose to study abroad often select the universities which are reputed in terms of infrastructure facility and academic standards as well. These qualities of an institute make the pupils excellence in study and professions.
, living far from family create an independent generation.
For instance
, those who are living alone, they need to adjust to a number of issues without help like paying bills. These independent character help them in their career as well.
, studying in another
bring some disadvantages. Some students cannot adapt the environment quickly.
Thus they
Accept comma addition
Thus, they
will suffer some mental issues.
, they may feel loneliness
, establishing friendship is a big deal for them.
In addition
, they are less amiable. These kind of people may refuse to attend classes and like to sit at home. Only school or college guidance and counselling department can help them out of
. In conclusion, people who study abroad can gain benefits in terms of academic abilities and living skills, while the difficulties can be tackled. In my point of view having more opportunities of studying in a foreign
is a positive trend.

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