As countries develop, people tend to buy more and more cars. Do you think the advantages for the individual outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

Since the beginning, people are always using different modes for travelling. They are using animals for their mobility, now due to the massive development all the inhabitants seeking to buy cars for the journey. It has a positive approach and negative approach, but in my point of view, I would say it has advantages.
of all, there are several reasons why everyone getting vehicles. Every day individuals have
to go short distance or long,
, if they have own car with them it would be more convenient for them to move easily.
, they don't want to rely on public transports as well as they can save their money by travelling by regular transport services.
For example
, the cab service,
, tuk-tuk these are mostly used mobility among workers, which has always variation in price
sometimes we pay huge money.
In contrast
, whatever the great side has by using automobiles whereas, it has drawbacks too. Currently, it can be seen as the results, of the increased number of cars the world facing huge traffic congestion, which
Accept comma addition
will, additionally
, affects transport,
, it will surge the air pollution, sequentially it will trigger the global warming.
For instance
, due to the research by Cambridge University of London found that countries like India, China population suffering due to the air pollution badly, cause of
huge number
a huge number
of four-wheelers’ using. To sum up,
there are some negative effects of the car.
, it is unavoidable as well it has more advantages, they are not only the reasons for environmental problems, yet, it has other facts too.

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