In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their level of health and fitness is decreasing What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them

In many countries, people are dealing with the issue of weight gaining due to
their fitness is declining day by day.In my opinion, the main reason of
is an unhealthy lifestyle.One can tackle the problem by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The predominant cause of
is an individual's busy work schedule.Because of that, it becomes difficult for them to extract time for exercise, which would become a cause of their overweight.
, people, today prefer to eat junk
over home made cuisine because the restaurants make it delicious by adding various spices to it and deep fried.But, they do not know how the fast foodstuff can profoundly affect the fitness of people.
For instance
, a survey was conducted by an agency in which they found that number of human beings who have a regular intake of the junk
are more prone to the severe diseases
as obesity and overweight.
, people should certainly avoid eating the fast
. There are several countermeasures to curb the situation. By making the routine of regular exercise one can save him from
trouble.If the health of a person is good,
he can easily concentrate on his work,
get the success in all aspects of life.It is a fact that workout boost up the stamina and immunity of a human, which would control the weight of a body and shield a human from many ailments
as obesity.
, if people try to develop the habit of eating
healthy meal
a healthy meal
healthy meals
inclusive of all nutrients and proteins,
there is less chances of becoming victim of these diseases.
, building the habit of doing a physical workout can protect the people from a plethora of health hazards. To conclude, in order to control the situation of overweight, one must do exercise and eat healthy
, the whole world would be in a huge dilemma.
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