Many childhood disease can now be prevented through the use of vaccines. Should parents be made by law immunise their children against common diseases or should individuals have the right to choose not to immunise their children?

In recent decades, the question of whether
for children should mandatory or not has sparked a controversy among the public.
parents have the right to raise their offspring in their own way, I believe the fact that all children are vaccinated bestows a wide range of benefits to the well being of the public. On the one hand, there are both medical and non-medical reasons why the refusal of
has been gradually rising in some countries. The primary reason for
trend can be attributed to religious belief which claims that children should grow up naturally without any medical intervention. In fact, by maintaining healthy lifestyles, toddlers can be less prone to infectious diseases.
, due to various unknown side effects of these vaccines, parents are likely to choose
method as a safer way to protect their babies. According to recent research in rural area, low-quality vaccines led to the development of other issues like allergy or rash in kids, which make
becomes a threat to infants’ wellbeing.
On the other hand
, there are a myriads of compelling reasons why parents should immunize their children.
, if vaccine is tested efficiently and effectively, it will facilitate the immune systems of infants.
For example
, with the assistance of vaccines, an increasing number of diseases
as yellow fever and strep throat have been eradicated.
, having the majority of the population vaccinated will create heard immunity,
, put children who are allergic to vaccines in secure condition. Thereby, obligatory
is instrumental in ensuring public health. In conclusion,
enforcement is not without disadvantages, it will bring massive health benefits to the public. I believe that it is morally for parents to be legally required to vaccinate their children.

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