Some people believe online reading materials should only be used for a child to learn to read whereas others believe only printed material should be used. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

These days, many people argue about the most effective method of teaching children how to read. While some advocate the
of digital materials, others still consider the traditional way of using books as the best. In my opinion, children should
both interchangeably to improve their literacy skills. Admittedly, reading materials on the internet is all the rage due to the advancements in technology. Unlike paper books or other printed reading materials, there are a variety of resources available online,
as electronic books and articles, which are mostly free.
, apart from text-based materials, children can listen to audio storybooks and watch educational videos.
, digital learning is not only convenient, but it is
an enjoyable way of teaching children how to read.
, excessive
of gadgets can lead to several health risks, especially vision problems.
On the other hand
, textbooks have been the primary source of knowledge and information for learners for many years now. Compared to using other devices with brighter screens, paper-based resources are easier to read.
, when using books, children can fully concentrate on what they are reading
of getting distracted by advertisements or online games.
, their effectiveness and readability as learning materials have been proven and tested.
, while books are indeed quite pricey, they are not affected by technological hassles attached to the
of technology, including battery shortage. In conclusion, online materials and paper books both have their pros and cons.
, the two modes of learning should be combined to provide the best learning experience for children.

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