ome people think that with combined effort on the part of government and society crime can be completely eradicated, while others argue that this is completely hypothetical and that crime has always been present in societies even in ancient times. Compare these two views.

Crime has been a common issue in any
. Some people believe that
problem can be tackled properly if both government and public share joint responsibility. Meanwhile, others think that there will never be a “so-called” crime-free
, of which I am more in favour. The following essay will discuss both views and explain why I support the later one. On the one hand, those who harbour the view that crime can be completely eliminated believe that people commit crimes due to the adverse situations they go through. These events can be solved if criminals are consulted and given opportunities to get back to the right path.
For example
, some prisons in Vietnam provide their prisoner with vocational courses to help them learn basic skills of certain jobs
as carpenters and the prison can follow
occupation after being released.
In addition
, a crime-free
is achievable if individuals understand and accept their responsibility for their actions while the government works harder on stricter regulations to ensure a more secured
, I side with the opinion that crime cannot be abolished totally from human life because the causes of wrongdoings are complex. If poverty, drug and alcohol, which were among main
attribute or credit to
of people to take illegal acts, have been controlled to a certain degree, low self-esteem, parental neglect and social pressure can be connected to why people break the law.
is getting more complicated and stressful, giving rise to serious psychological and mental problems of humans
as depression and antisocial disorder. Those with these problems are more likely to be engaged in different wrongdoings and
can explain why some mass shooting events have happened in the USA in the past few years. Since human beings never get rid of their dark sides or break free from those pressures, the unlawful acts cannot be stopped.
, some governments are not responsive enough in dealing with more diversified crimes in the current world, resulting in crime still being one of serious social problems. To conclude, criminal offence is a part of every community, no matter how hard its government and citizens try to solve.
problem can be reduced and controlled if people are mindful of their responsibilities and governments have proactive and appropriate prevention methods to cope with.
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