Some people think every human being can create artworks (e.g. painting), while others think only the people born with the ability can do that. Discuss both views and give your opinion.(2015/10/31亚太)

Nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that art has become an indispensable part of our li
While some people think only a very few people who born with
ability can create artworks, I still tend to believe that everyone can do it. On the one hand, it cannot be denied that there are many excellent works of art are made by creative and talented artists, like Picasso’s paintings and Shakespeare’s operas. Indeed, their born ability plays an important role in finishing
amazing works. As for ordinary people, it seems to me
that is
impossible to make
an achievement, regardless the degree of your en
a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness)
, we don’t need to require all the artworks are so unprecedented. People who received well training still have ch
ance t
a chance
the chance
o create meaningful works.
In addition
, what I want to rebut is that artwork ju
st is a form t
is just a form
hat we can express our feelings and thought. If we can record our daily life in paintings, dramas and songs, it still is a kind of artworks,
may not be influential like celebrities’ works.
, there are many artworks come from general public’s day-to-day life, like many traditional customs in Asia, conventional songs in Africa and so on. Ma
jority o
The majority
f them are created by local people,
of well-known talented artists. They still are an inevitable part of human being’s cultural he
we are not talented artist, it is unnecessary to belittle our potential creativity. In conclusion, we should not neglect the contribution by famous artist, due to the fact that their artworks make prolong impacts on human history.
, we still are able to create amazing artworks, because the origin of art is our daily lives.
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