Housing shortage in big cities can cause severe social consequences. Some people think only government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It cannot be denied that, in the contemporary days problem of housing scarcity is extremely high. It is responsible for many serious outcomes in the community. A single way to tackle out conquering issue is government efforts, is believed by a group of individuals. I agree to the given statement to a large extent and my inclination is explained in the following paragraph. Discussing about steps should be taken by the centre to eradicate the housing deficit. The most anticipated one is they should encourage citizens to live in the countryside. They should run a campaign on social media and various area of a nation regarding benefits of living in a village in order to, motivate the people to reside there.
For instance
, in 2015 the authority of the Maharashtra province ran a campaign on twitter and Instagram to encourage local individuals to live in a small town rather than, to reside in large urban.
step was work significantly.
, authority of country should
work to increase the job opportunity in the rural areas as, majority of civilians come across metropolis just four to get an employment. If the government will improve work opportunities in non-developed region, it would be very beneficial.
but not the least, they should
reduce the amount of text in villages so that, people will more likely to live there.
effort will
create many business options other because, businessman will be encouraged to invest there.
On the other hand
, citizens and builders
have to make some efforts to eliminate the following issue. Builders and individual should develop the city in the vertical way. They have to give priority to the skyscrapers and flats. Apartment usually require less space on the land, whereas, bungalows require it more. If a metro grows vertically,
circumstance should reduce effectiveness. To conclude, I believe the large extent that the problem of inadequate shelter can be eradicated by government steps
as, making citizens more conscious to live in rural,
to get acceptable results builders have to take responsibility to grow metropolitan vertically. It is the most ideal way to deal with

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