people eat more processed food than they did in the past.why is this?what are the effects of this?

People consume the bigger amount of processed meal now than they used to do in the past.
happens due to the busy lifestyle and high prices for fresh products.
essay will take a look at the main reasons, why it happens, and the effects, which processed feed has. Nowadays life is extremely fast.
, people have less time to prepare fresh feed than they did have earlier.
leads community to buy and consume products, which are already ready to be eaten. Another crucial factor is money. Now the prices of processed cuisine, especially taking in consideration unhealthy options, are low compared to previous years.
fact makes it more adorable for customers.
As a result
, more processed food is consumed now. The prime examples are the local shops, which mostly sell prepared to eat food (
for instance
, fast food), and have a big income. All these reasons lead to the significantly bad effects. The
thing to mention is an obesity around the humans, that has become obvious. Processed meal,
as sweet snacks and bars, makes people immediately gain weight. The
thing is health diseases. It means that nowadays people are more likely to have problems with the heart and stomach. These diseases are caused by junk, processed snack and bad eating habits. In conclusion, nowadays processed meal has become popular around customers. But unfortunately, consuming a huge number of processed meal has the remarkably negative effects on human beings,
as health troubles and overweight issues.
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