The number of older people is increasing. Some people think it will cause problems in their countries, others believe this group is important to society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many people believe that the young generation should go along with the older generation's recommendations while others think it would be beneficial if young people question the elderly. In
essay, I am going to examine both points of view and
give my own perspective on the matter. On one side of the argument, there are people who argue the benefits of following older people's advice considerably outweigh its disadvantages. The main reason for believing
is experience will help guide people through emergencies.
For instance
, aircraft have a captain and a
officer, and the captain always has to 5 or 8 years more experience than the
in command because in cases of emergency,
as flying through turbulence; the captain's guidance helps to understand the circumstances more accurately. It is
possible to say that older people have more social connections to help young people to open doors within society, so if they follow the advice well, they might get a letter of reference from their tutors or mentors.
On the other hand
, it is
possible to make the opposing case. It is often argued that people must stand on their two feet in the long run. People often have
opinion because they believe that the trial and error is an essential part of achieving success for young people. The
point is that innovation always comes
challenging the conventional way. A particularly good example here is when 'From Software' decided to make video games; they were originally an accounting software company, but later they were able to create some of the best games in history because of some recommendations of a young new recruit. In conclusion, I believe both arguments have their merits. On balance,
, I feel that the young generation should follow their senior's advice because they have more personal experience and connections, which is very useful to help young people's careers. Given
situation, it is recommended that they respect older people and ask questions as much as possible in order to gain their trust.

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