Because of the rising cost of housing, many young people are increasingly being forced to live with their parents into their 30s . Are there more advantages or disadvantages to this trend?

Housing is one of the essential requirements to cruise through the life. Due to the burgeoning rates of it, many youngsters are compelled to stay with their parents. According to me, it is much more advantageous to live with your parents as
of them can get emotional, physical and monetary support from each other.
essay will discuss,
the pros and cons and according to me, former outweighs the latter one. A father and mother only expect respect and affection from their children. Joint family gives the way to achieve
. There would be a mutual emotional share between
the generations.
In addition
to that, young people may require more finances, which could be backed by their parents. Apart from that, kids can help their parents in daily walks and household chores as the older ones may suffer from physical problems due to the age factor. Many countries follow the tradition of staying together for a lifelong period,
for example
, India.
, it is beneficial for all to stay together. Some parents like their children to stay independently to learn to live on their own as well as to avoid any clashes which may occur. They would have the understanding and managing their day to day problems without the help of any outsider.
For instance
, problems pertaining to the household.
, aforementioned reason would make it challenging for the person to stay alone and
, it would contribute towards the negative trend. To conclude, there are
advantages and disadvantages to the boosting housing costs.
, given the benefits of living together
as moral and financial assistance which could be shared, it seems to me that disadvantages like not able to learn independent living can be ignored.
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