Some people believe that Technology such as mobile phones, cell phones are destroying social interaction. Do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, with the advancement in technology of mobile phones and cell phones, many people think that face to face
between masses has been reducing day by day. I completely agree with the notion because they can talk as well as send messages through it. To commence with, social distancing has increased significantly due to technological devices
as mobile phones and cell phones because people can share information by talking through these devices.
, they can interact with anyone by sitting in their homes, so they need not travel any distance.
For example
, in a recent survey conducted by TRAI, it is found that the number of phone calls has increased substantially as compared to the past,
that is
sixty percent.
In other words
, talking through them has increased,
the reduction in personal
, there are several applications have developed through which they can do messaging and even can make video calls.
, they can create groups in the applications, and they can add their friends and family members to do group chatting and video calling.
For instance
, WhatsApp is one of the most famous applications that people use to interact with their friends and family members. They can not only send
messages but
Accept comma addition
messages, but
make video calls with the help of it. Thereby they hardly connect with their peers personally. To summarise, the technology has been destroying the social
among people as they can talk and chat through these devices. In my opinion, social
has reduced due to technology.

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