Whoever controls the media also controls opinions and attitudes of the people and there is little can be done to rectify this. To what extent do you agree or disagree

It is widely accepted that, the attitudes and opinions of the general public have been governed by the mass media and its holders, only limited ways available for people to correct
. I think
statement holds a valid ground because media affect the thinking of people in many ways. People know about the situation in the country from the reports by journalist who worked in various media organizations.
, these people are paid workers so their reporting inevitably biased towards the personal agendas of the owners.
the heads of public media cooperations
appointed by the government, most of the times they are loyalist of the ruling party.
, people who working in these places do not tend to publish any news adverse to the governing authority, even though, it is true or it can affect the society in a negative way.
For example
, state media always keep a censorship on corruption and mismanagement of the present government.
, from the peoples side
trend happened to be an inexorable phenomenon, public cannot resist against
because the lack of amenities available to them. In a present juridical system acts about freedom of press create loopholes upon acting on legal procedure for any kind of misbehaviour in the media.
, only few independent platforms available for public to authenticate the facts in media briefs.
In addition
, governments hesitate to pass the laws against spreading fake news because of in some occasions it must be drawback to them
as lost in elections. To conclude, in most societies, people don't have any alternative source to get information so they undeniably rely on mass media by not considering its accuracy. Media owners always work on their own plans, to achieve their targets they always try to control the attitudes and opinions of the people from media ownership by them.
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