People who live in large cities face a range of problems in their daily life. What are the main problems people in cities face, and how can these problems be tackled? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays, more and more people are migrating to the big cities to live. Despite having development opportunities, people have to deal with many issues in their daily life.
essay will discuss the problems and reach solutions to tackle them.
, it is clear that the common problem facing residents is overcrowded. Residential crowding is perhaps the defining feature of any large city. Chicago’s population density,
for instance
, exceeds 12,200 persons per square mile.
, some research finds that crowding produces higher levels of stress, depression, aggression and crime. The solution for the government to limit the migration of people to big cities is
on expanding and developing small cities. Another problem of city life is
gridlock. It
due to the sheer volume of
and the sheer number of intersections controlled by
lights or stop signs. The consequence is to
both time and fuel. According to TTI,
jam wastes 4.8 billion hours and 1.9 billion gallons of gasoline annually, an amount that would fill more than 200,000 gasoline tank trucks. Not to mention that air pollution that
creates pollution from vehicles’ exhaust, factories and other enterprises that
As a result
, air quality in cities is substandard.
poor air quality has significant health consequences, as it produces higher rates of respiratory and heart disease and higher mortality rates. To solve
this issues
this issue
these issues
, the government have to enhance infrastructure investment, cut the number of vehicles on the road and encourages residents should use public transports
of private transports. In conclusion, despite facing a range of problems in large cities, there are many solutions that governments could consider and apply.
, it is hoped that the quality of life in big cities will get better.

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