In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customers travel to large shopping centres or mall to do their shopping. Is this a positive or negative development?

modern society, the way of shopping has been altered dramatically. The inclination of the consumers towards the mega-mall culture has eradicated the local vendors from the market. In my opinion,
is the negative development, where the new trend of shopping would have the detrimental effects on the domestic economy.
To begin
with, the mall-shopping culture is provoking the customers to the materialism, which is the predominant hazardous effect of it. The availability of the innumerable choices
are influencing
is influencing
a layman for the exorbitant consumption.
practices would improve the standards of living, the community will suffer from a high rate of inflation.
For instance
, the soaring prices of the commodity are observed in the urban area, as compared to the rural area; due to excessive reliance on the large shops.
, the mall
shopping culture
Accept comma addition
shopping, culture
has a long term alarming
, the local shops are the key element of the domestic economy. Due to the faded local shops, the consumption of local products will be declined, as well as the economic problems,
as unemployment and inflation will emerge.
, these patterns of shopping might bring the unsustainable development of the society.
For instance
, in many developing countries, the foreign goods are more preferred in mega-malls; reveals the demolished local trades and cultures.
, the local shops should be preserved for a healthy economy. To conclude, the diversity in
shopping habits
the shopping habits
of the people is crucial factor for the development of communities. The recent trend of the shopping in the malls brings not only the local productivity crises, but
led the people towards the consumerism. The government should form the fiscal and monetary policies to preserve the local shops in
competitive world.

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