Some people say that art (e.g. painting, music, poetry ...)can be made by everyone whereas others believe that it can only be made by those with special ability. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some experts opine that only god gifted has ability to perform the art, while, others believe that anybody can do
. I believe if a person is determined and focus they can do these activities.
essay will discuss both the arguments in details.
, some people have special talents for extra curriculum activities like musics, painting and poetry and have been successful too.
is because, if they have will to do and be confident, one can stop achieving goals in their life, just need to be concentrate what they want in their life.
For example
, In Bollywood movies, I can see that actor or actress as well as acting in movies, they have passion for sings as well.
, moving forward with their passion, hobbies and practise anyone can reach their destination. In other side, it said that specific ability can only perform those kind activities. It sounds true as well because, some of them try several times to become musically but fails.
is because, they are not meant for that field.
For instance
, top singer of Bollywood Lata Magewshor, everybody believes she is god gifted with singing,
, she is not meant for playing cricket.
, individual need to know their ability and skills and engaged in an activity that makes them feel satisfied and happy. In conclusion, it is difficult to strongly agree with one statement because individuals have been successful in those activities even though their career is different. So, it all depends on how much one can put effort and fulfil their dreams.
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